Overview of UBridge Online with CollegeSolved®

UBridge Online is the only global program offering guaranteed transfer admissions to University of California schools that provides every student with a dedicated, elite academic advisor. We call this high-level service CollegeSolved® which is our commitment to full-service, online college counseling assistance for our students.


There is no need to be in the US in order to study! Finish your first two years anywhere in the world and come to the US to complete your degree as a third-year student.

Additional Benefits

  • A proven platform for completing your UC guaranteed transfer in two years, tailored to your exact major and target transfer university. Credits are transferable to 100+ universities
  • Continue to move forward with your education regardless of travel restrictions or other limitations. Get that UC degree in four years!
  • Asynchronous learning allows you to manage your own learning schedule, making it flexible and easy for you
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Guaranteed Admissions Universities

At the heart of University Bridge is access to guaranteed admissions into elite US universities. Students at UBridge Online enjoy guaranteed admissions to the universities below provided they meet the required GPA after two years/60+ credits of study. This means you can transfer into a top University of California or other university in the US as a third-year student having completed your first two years at home.


University of California, Santa Barbara

#28 National Universities


University of California, Irvine

#36 National Universities


University of California, Davis

#38 National Universities

UBridge Online offers transfer pathways to many other universities, depending on the GPA you achieve. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.


Program Fees

Fees include up to 36 credits and all of the academic benefits of CollegeCare®. Upon acceptance into UBridge and payment of a deposit, you will be enrolled in online classes. There is no need for an I-20 and you will study from your home state or country.

Start Date UBridge Online
Initial Six Credits $8,870
Extra Credit Hour $895


Each University Bridge student is assigned a private advisor who is an expert on the community college system as well as the university transfer process. With UBridge’s CollegeCare®, students enjoy a student-to-advisor ratio of less than 25:1 and, therefore, have immediate access to advisors. Additionally, many of our advisors were international community college students themselves who were admitted to schools such as UCLA and Berkeley through the transfer process.

Want to apply UBridge Online? Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.