Overview of UBridge Online with CollegeSolved®

UBridge Online is the only global program offering guaranteed transfer admissions to University of California schools that provides every student with a dedicated, elite academic advisor. We call this high-level service CollegeSolved® which is our commitment to full-service, online college counseling assistance for our students.

Why UBridge Online?

Authentic US University Credits

UBridge’s Online credits are the exact same UC-transferable credits offered to in-person students. Students can graduate from a Top 40 US university in four years through guaranteed admissions

Proven Option for Online Courses

UBridge Online courses are delivered through our partnership with Santa Monica College, which has been providing distance education for over 22 years. You will not be a test case on an unproven platform

One-on-One Support

UBridge Online's CollegeSolved® provides weekly check-ins on your schedule, parent updates, and pre-sessional course selection meetings all from our advisors who are graduates of Top 25 US university programs

Tuition Flexibility

Deposits are flexible and may be rolled forward until on-campus learning is available. Should you decide online isn’t right for you, we also offer tuition rollover to the next in-person session—even after classes begin

Additional benefits of UBridge Online:


  • A proven platform for completing your UC guaranteed transfer in two years, tailored to your exact major and target transfer university. Credits are transferable to 100+ universities


  • Continue to move forward with your education regardless of travel restrictions or other limitations. Get that UC degree in four years!


  • Asynchronous learning allows you to manage your own learning schedule, making it flexible and easy for you


Why wait? Start your degree in the comfort of your own home!

Your Two-Year Path to Elite US Universities

Students also have the option of spending their first year online (30 credits) and their second year in-person (30 credits) for the same total of 60 transferable credits.


Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Any tips for online learning?