UC Irvine Preparation Program

The UC Irvine Preparation Program at UBridge@IVC is designed to support academically gifted students in transferring to this excellent university.


Students study for two years and then apply for a UC TAG to Irvine. The UC TAG requires GPA and credit hour minimums as well as taking specific courses required to achieve guaranteed transfer with third-year status. Your personal UBridge advisor will guide you through the entire process, helping ensure you are prepared and meet the complex requirements of the UC TAG.

IVC Highlights

  • #1 in transfer admissions percentage to UCI of all colleges in America*
    • 64% of students are accepted in Fall 2019
  • UCI’s Honors-to-Honors Program
    • If accepted, it offers early admission to UCI, and guaranteed admission to the UCI Campuswide Honors Collegium
    • Priority consideration for a special set of merit-based scholarships
  • Close to UC Irvine – 3.5 miles (6km)

Key information

  • Two-year credit transfer program
  • Transfer to third year of UC Irvine, or another elite university
  • CollegeCare® for UC Irvine
  • Guaranteed admission to UC Irvine (min 3.4 GPA, see details)

CollegeCare® for UC Irvine

In addition to all the regular benefits of CollegeCare®, UBridge offers our students the individual advice and guidance that you’ll need to transfer to UC Irvine, or another elite university.


  • Elite university mentor
  • Transfer assistance
  • Life at UC Irvine talks
  • Application assistance
  • Applicant molding
  • Help arranging additional tests
  • Parent updates every 2 weeks, formal reports 2x per semester

*UC Infocenter, for schools sending 10+ students