The UCLA Preparation Program at UBridge@SMC is designed to support academically gifted students in transferring to this excellent university.


Students study for two years and then apply to transfer with third-year status, fully prepared to succeed in a challenging academic environment.

SMC Highlights

  • #1 in transfers to UCLA for 2019/20 Academic year
    • Most students sent at nearly 600
    • Best admissions rate at 30%*
  • UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) member school
    • TAP students have a 2.5x better chance of admission to UCLA than regular applicants**
  • Close to UCLA – 6.5 miles (10km)

Key information

  • Two-year credit transfer program
  • Transfer to third year of UCLA, or another elite university
  • CollegeCare® for UCLA
  • Priority admission to UCLA
  • Stats show that average two-year college GPA for admitted students is 3.6/4.0, plus a minimum TOEFL of 83

CollegeCare® for UCLA

In addition to all the regular benefits of CollegeCare®, UBridge offers our students the individual advice and guidance that you’ll need to transfer to UCLA, or another elite university.


  • Elite university mentor
  • Transfer assistance
  • Life at UCLA talks
  • Application assistance
  • Applicant molding
  • Help arranging additional tests
  • Parent updates every 2 weeks, formal reports 2x per semester

*UC Infocenter, for schools sending 200+ students – **UCLA undergraduate admissions website historical data